Bringing respect back to the trades and instilling traditional values in a modern day world.


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Thank you for following my newest endeavor, The Modern Day Tradesman. Check out my story and find out why my mission is to bring respect back to the trades.

We Do

WE ARE – MOVEMENT DEDICATED! to bringing respect back to the trades. We believe creating awareness around the trades will allow more people a shot at the American dream. We are committed to sharing valuable information so you can change your mindset and become the best version of yourself. We also wanted to make some cool gear so you can represent your trade, and the movement behind it.

We Are

We represent fellow tradesman dedicated to bringing respect back to the trades! As proud tradesman, it is our duty to train the next generation of men and women of the trades. This brand is a tribute to the blue-collar men and women dedicated to building and maintaining the infrastructure in America. For too long we have been looked down upon and told we need a degree to be successful. We are determined to help those who get up every day to provide for their families, to become more aware of a career path in the trades. We don’t make EXCUSES, we understand that excuses are lies we tell ourselves to avoid the truth.