Over 12 Decades of Experiences

The Modern Day Tradesman Story

My dad was a plumber, one of the best. He would take me on jobs as a kid and I loved every minute. We would race off in the truck to save the day. I was part of the team and I believed there was nothing we couldn’t fix. The part I remember most is the customers, they were always so thankful when the job was done. It was just another day to my dad, but the customers reacted like we were rescuing their family from a burning home. That was something I’ll never forget.

I learned the hard way that plumbers have a bad reputation. I remember being at school and proudly telling my classmates that I replaced a toilet. Their reaction scarred me for life. They mocked me and I shrunk in shame. I hated that feeling and I started to distance myself from the trade, I even stopped working with my dad. I didn’t want him to drop me off at school anymore, he always drove the plumbing truck and I couldn’t face more embarrassment. From that moment forward I was determined to get a career that had respect.

When it was time to enter the job market I went looking for the perfect job. I tried several things but nothing seemed to click. It soon became clear that the perfect job didn’t exist.

As a last resort I decided to give plumbing another go. A local company gave me a shot and I quickly made an impact. The skills were still fresh in my mind. If I didn’t know how to do something, I’d call my dad, or I’d grab a book and teach myself. I became the number one sales technician and things were looking up. I had rediscovered my passion for putting out fires and building a customer base of raving fans.

Despite the success, something didn’t feel right. The job was great but the industry hadn’t moved on. The plumbers’ reputation was still in the gutter. I couldn’t shake off that shame I felt as a kid.

In a leap of faith, I decided to go out alone. In 2013, I started Pure Plumbing to revolutionize the customer experience. The ‘Pure’ part of the brand represents a new level of cleanliness and transparency. A new level of accountability and loyalty.

I didn’t care how long it took, but, day by day, I had a vision to build the best workforce in the country and set a new standard in plumbing excellence:

This means going above and beyond on every customer service experience.

Training technicians to new levels so they can enjoy a career rather than a job.

Building a culture of security, education and encouragement.

A place where we encourage new ideas to support our mission – to protect the health of the nation while delivering phenomenal service.

I am proud to say that vision has become a reality. Every day I hold my head up high because I learned this trade from my dad, and through his guidance, I discovered a career I respect.

Mission statement

Bringing respect back to the trades and instilling traditional values in a modern day world.

Lead by example

We understand as trades professionals we are the example to the next generation. We understand that self-awareness is key in raising and training the next generation of leaders in our trade. We understand that the next generation of tradesmen leaders will follow what we teach them.

Self Discipline is key

We realize that without structure we are doomed for failure. We remain disciplined in our techniques, way of life, and commitment to our trade because we are high achievers. 


Honor over everthing! We understand reputations are built over a lifetime and we are committed to operating with integrity. We understand a world without integrity would be a horrible place. It is our job to never compromise or jeopardize our honor and integrity. 

Continued growth

We understand that we are constantly growing professionally, mentally, technically and spiritually. We are never afraid of failure; we understand that strong foundations are built on past failures. We understand that  it is important to grow ourselves so we can continue to grow others.

Remain Strong

We understand not everyone is a tradesman, and the trades can be tough. It’s our duty to remain strong and push forward through the tough times. We understand that with a strong mind, strong work ethic, and perseverance we can have the life we desire.